Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. But 999 of them only tell one part of the story – how the project looked at the end.

That last word tells the rest of the story – how we got there, the ideas and collaboration, the relationships we built, the fun we had in the process and the promises kept.

And that last word is “Ideal.” While we take just as much pride in the finished product as the other builders you’re probably researching (and we have the pictures to prove it), what we really love about the work we do is the “getting there” part. And that’s the part that is unique to Ideal Builders. It can’t be copied.

As you click around, you’ll meet some of the clients and partners who are excited to share their “Ideal” experience with you. Together, they are the thousandth word that no picture could express.

Client Testimonials

There are a few other things that always get built before the building itself.
  • Pete Beste Navitus Health Solutions Commercial Construction

    “Ideal Builders is a great partner of ours. They’re an open book, like we are. Because of that transparency, we were able to have a more open discussion about the components of the project.”

    Pete Beste, CFO and Senior Vice President at Navitus Health Solutions
  • Shannon Barry Ideal Builders Testimonial Commercial Contractor

    “One of the challenges we face is vendors who may minimize us because we’re a small non-profit. Ideal Builders really spent the time getting to know us, doing their homework.”

    Shannon Berry, Executive Director at D.A.I.S.
  • Steve Holzhauer Ideal Builders Testimonial

    “Ideal Builders works closely with the owner and the architect. They are problem solvers.”

    Steve Holzhauer, Managing Principal at Eppstein Uhen Architects

Meet Our Team

Relationships always come first – because the better we know each other and the more we like each other, the better we’ll communicate.
Dave Martin Ideal Builders

Dave Martin

Jason Bollig Ideal Builders

Jason Bollig

Executive Vice President
Jerry Crook Jerome Crook Ideal Builders

Jerome Crook

VP | Director of Field Operations
Travis Dettinger Ideal Builders

Travis Dettinger

Vice President | Partner
Amy Wildman Ideal Builders

Amy Wildman

Project Manager
Jason Koziar Ideal Builders

Jason Koziar

Project Manager

BJ Galle

Project Manager

Jeff Duesterbeck

Project Manager

Ken Lusian

Project Manager